12" LCD screen SXGA1400x1050 for Cockpit Flight Deck Avionics Display, Simulator, Simulation Display 
3.5" VGA  LCD+ Video Input
Native Res. 800X600 SVGA
Viewable 1024X768 SXGA
6.4" & 6.5" VGA LCD Kit
7" 1024 X 600, 800 X 600 LCD
8" n 8.4" XGA 1024x768 LCD Kit
10.4" XGA VT104XB5 State of the Art
10.1" 1920 X 1200 WUXGA LCD
12" SXGA+ LCD 1400X1050
15.1" UXGA 1600X1200 LCD 4:3 Ratio
15.4" WUXGA 1920X1200 LCD 16:10
15.6" HD1080P LCD 1920X1080 16:9
HUD  Head Up Display
27" 2560X1440 LCD X-Bri LED
In-flight  Entertainment LCD Screen
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12" LCD Screen SXGA + LCD Super Fine Pitch1400x1050  145 dpi  

The Highest Resolution 12" 4 :3 Ratio LCD In The Industry. 


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HDMI + DVI + VGA 3 Inputs. Capable to Display HDTV 1080 i, 1080p Format


Super Fine Resolution   1400X 1050  Wide View Angle:       180 /180
High Contrast Ratio:      600:1
Fast Response:               25 ms

Wide View Angle

Wide View Angle: 180 /180
High Contrast Ratio: 450:1
Low Power Consumption: 3.7W

VGA + DVI + HDMI 3 in 1 connection. Capable Display HDTV 1080i, 1080p  Format

Cockpit Flight Deck Avionics Display, Simulator & Simulation Display

Most Ideal for Air Bus & Boeing Commercial Aircraft  flight simulation display.

12" LCD Screen Specifications




Outline Dimension (mm)

270 W x 199 H x 27 D ( with A/D Driver board)

Active Area (mm)

245.6H x 184.3V,  9.67" x7.25 "


1400x1050  SXGA

Pixel Pitch (mm)

0.24 H x 0.24V

Weight (g)

315 Max

Number of Colors


Supply Voltage (V)

12 V

Power Consumption (W)

15 W

Brightness (cd/m2)


Contrast Ratio

600 :1



Viewing Angle (L/R/U/D)


Signal Interface

LVDS 1ch

Response Time (ms)

35 typ.

Decoder board dimensions


Wide Viewing Angle TFT Technology

A Fringe Field Switching

Storage Temperature

(-20C ~ 60C)

Operation Temperature ( 0C ~ 50 C)   240 hours test

12" LCD Screen 1400x1050  Engineering Specs  

12" LCD Screen SXGA,
Application Demo 
LearJet  - 45  Cockpit  Avionics EFIS


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Wide Viewing Angle TFT Technology


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