10.4" LCD Screen 1024x768 XGA Panel for Cockpit Flight Deck Avionics Display n Simulator 
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New Model

10.4" LCD 1024x768 XGA for Cockpit Flight Deck Avionics Display n Simulator

VT104XB6-Rug  is designed to bear tough ruggedized Application. 


120 PPI ( Pixels Per Inch ) Ultra High Density, 178 o Ultra Wide Viewing Angle

   X-Bri LED Back light  High Color Temperature, High Contrast Outdoor Readable ! 

No Color Shift, Hard Coating Anti Glare Surface on the LCD screen. 

Creative Direct Brightness Control Buttons  without entering OSD menu

Sample price $ 568  USD,  MOQ 2 pcs.





XGA  1024 x 768

Outline Dimension (mm)

238.6 W x 175.8 H x 6.5 D mm panel + 20mm Thickness of driver PCB board

Active Area (mm)

210.4 x 157.8  mm

Number of Pixels

1024 x 768

Pixel Pitch (mm)

0.206 x 0.206

LCD Module Weight (g)

295 g

Surface treament

Anti-glare & hard coating ( 3H )

Number of Colors

16.2 M /262 K Colors

Back Light + Panel Power Consumption

6 Watts  ( panel )

Brightness (cd/m2)

600 nit 

Contrast Ratio

3000 :1



Temperature operation test -30 C ~ +80 C  300 hours tested

Temperature storage test

-30 C ~  +80 C  300 hrs 

Signal Interface

LVDS 1ch

Viewing Angle (H , V ) 178 H  / 178 V

Response Time (ms)

20~30 typ.

Driver A/D board Connectors


Operation Life 70,000 + hours
Wide Viewing Angle TFT Technology Fringe Field Switching Tech
Vibration test ( non-operation ) Gravity /AMP 1.5G  10~200Hz,   
X,Y,Z /30 Mins/ Axis.
Shock test ( non-operation ) Gravity  50G, 20 ms X,Y, Z 

Mechanical  Drawing Zoom Views

Front                            Back


10.4 " LCD Screen XGA 1024x768 for Cockpit Flight Deck Avionics Display & Simulators

10.4" XGA Touch Screen LCD

Application Demo

 Helicopter Flight Deck

Boeing 737, 777 Flight Simulation Display, Airbus A330, A340 Flight Simulation Display,  Cessna, Eclipse, General Aviation Flight Deck Avionics Air Data, Attitude and Heading Reference System Display. ADAHRS  Flight Control Guidance System Display. GPS Navigation Map Display,  Flight and Displays Management Systems (FDMS) Display,

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